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The best way to buy new homes.

Receive expert new home guidance through every step of the new home purchase process,
and save thousands of dollars.

Our top agents every step of the way.

We are a fully licensed real estate brokerage in Arizona, with deep expertise in new home communities and builder business models.

Proprietary analytics and tools.

Our data-driven guidance and evaluation tools provide transparency into the new home process, helping you make better decisions.

Superior customer service & support.

Buying a home is a big deal. Enjoy a thoughtful, high-end experience deserving of one of your largest purchases.

Keep a 2% cash
back rebate.

Our agents seamlessly guide you from start through close, and you keep 2% cash back.

See how much you will save with keep

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Enjoy an elevated homebuying experience while saving thousands.

Buying a new home is different than buying a resale home.
keep is built to help buyers achieve the best outcomes when buying new construction.

keep New Homes

  • Rebate: 2%
    (subject to $8,000 minimum commission to keep)
  • Support: Dedicated new home expert agent + back-up coverage 7 days/week
  • Insights: Industry-leading analytics, customized to key steps in the new home purchasing process
  • New Home Expertise: Proprietary keep Builder Database, deep expertise on new home buying process, products, and builder business models
  • Negotiation & Strategy: Extensive support
  • Transaction Support: Full, through closing
  • Tours & Visits: Limited

Traditional agent

  • Rebate: NONE
    (agents typically keep ~3%)
  • Support: Single agent, often with little to no back-up support
  • Insights: Non data-driven, automated MLS comps typically used for resale (not new construction)
  • New Home Expertise: Limited, typically focus on resale
  • Negotiation & Strategy: Extensive support
  • Transaction Support: Full, clients often handed off to transaction coordinators
  • Tours & Visits: Yes, typically

How it works.

Find your perfect new
construction home. Ask keep to register you at the community.

Use Our Expertise
Seamlessly navigate the purchase process, making better, data-informed decisions along the way.

Buy Your Home
Close with confidence with our support, receive your cash back rebate, and move in!

Clients love our service.

We think you will too. Scroll down for more details and answers to common questions.

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How is keep different from a traditional agent?

In many ways, your buying experience will be the same as working with a traditional real estate agent - only better! You'll work hand-in-hand with one of our fully-licensed real estate agents (we call them Advisors) and get all of the buying services provided by a traditional agent, but with better data-driven tools, increased transparency into the new home process, and more responsive customer service.

We also provide the following key benefits:

First, you keep 2% cash back. This is the largest buyer's rebate in Arizona (that we're aware of!). This means thousands of dollars you get to keep in your pocket, to use how you see fit. Many of our clients use the additional money towards paying down the mortgage, funding their move, and furnishing their new homes.

Second, we have deep experience working on new home communities, from helping bring them to market, building new home sales programs, and working extensively with new home buyers. In short, we understand how new home communities work, and use that knowledge to put you in the best position as a buyer. We've built keep to provide you the right data, insight and transparency around the main new home buying decision points: from exploring different builders, analyzing how attractive your floorplan might be to future buyers, to actionable data on upgrades and pricing. We help make the process seamless and provide differentiated insights along the way to help you make more informed decisions.

Third, our backgrounds are different from traditional real estate agents. We have extensive experience across real estate private equity, advising Fortune 100 clients at top management consulting firms like Bain & Company, and building award-winning consumer services in Silicon Valley. We leverage our data-driven, customer-oriented experiences to deliver a more insightful, analytical and responsive home buying experience.

We've created the homebuying experience that we would have wanted when we bought our homes. We think you've love it, just like our current and past clients have.

What services do you provide me as a home buyer?

keep is a program by Conflux Real Estate, a fully-licensed real estate brokerage in Arizona. We provide all of the services of a traditional real estate agent, customized for the new home purchasing process. This means actionable data, increased transparency into the new construction process, and better customer service -- all geared towards creating your best new home purchasing outcome.

We can help with as little or as much of the homebuying process as you need. Some clients already have a home and community in mind, while others are still figuring out budget and where to focus their search.

Either way, we're here to seamlessly guide you through your home buying process - finding the right home, valuing it, understanding the contract and upgrades process, and closing the transaction. We're with you from start to finish.

Who will be my contact during the process?

One of our Advisors (a licensed real estate agent) personally leads each transaction and will be your day-to-day point of contact throughout your home buying journey. Importantly, all of our Advisors are part of our team, so we aren't just making an introduction to a 3rd party agent like other services.

We take pride in providing a thoughtfully designed experience from start to finish, and we're with you every step of the way. Advisors also have the support of our full team behind them, and we work closely together to ensure you're covered for anything you need and to help with time-sensitive requests.

What markets do you serve?

We currently offer our service across all cities in the Phoenix MSA and surrounding areas. Our team helps across all new home communities. While this list isn't comprehensive, you can find examples of the types of communities we help clients with here.

How are you able to provide a 2% rebate? It sounds too good to be true!

Good question. We introduced keep because we think there's a smarter and better way to help people buy new homes. The typical real estate agent has a lot on their plate, effectively running their own business. Because of this, individual agents are limited in how many clients they can serve, and a lot of their time is spent on activities that pull them away from what we think is most important -- helping you. We've thoughtfully focused our processes around the most important steps associated with buying a new home. By utilizing helpful technology and a full-team approach, our Advisors are able to specialize, spending their time on helping our clients. By focusing on the things that add the most value to you, we're able to work with more clients as a team, and are able to share a portion of the typical commission offered by sellers back to you as a cash rebate.

What are the details on the rebate?

You will receive your rebate at the time of closing, as a closing credit paid through escrow, in accordance with any local requirements.

keep will provide you with an estimate of the rebate at the outset of the process, and the final rebate available may depend on factors including home purchase price, agent commission being offered by the builder, and any requirements specific to your lender. To obtain the most accurate rebate estimate, keep will work with you to notify the builder, lender and title company early in the homebuying process.

Our goal is to provide the best financial deal and experience to buyers of new homes. However, to ensure we are able to support a rebate program, we have a minimum commission threshold that our team earns on each transaction ($8,000). In these instances, we refund back the whole buyer agent's commission, after deducting $8,000 to cover our time and expenses. For example, on a $500,000 home offering a 3% agent's commission, the full commission would be $15,000, and we would rebate $7,000 to the buyer -- thousands of dollars back in your pocket!

Do you need to register as my agent on the first visit at a new home community?

Yes, always ask your dedicated Advisor prior to signing up for any list, registering or visiting a new home community so they can ensure they are properly registered as your agent. Almost all new home communities require buyer agents to be registered prior to or on your first visit to receive a commission. Because the cash back rebate is reliant on a commission being paid, you can only receive the cash back rebate if your Advisor is eligible to receive a commission on your home purchase. That all starts with registration.

Can I work with other agents and still use you to get the 2% rebate?

We don't require you to exclusively work with us in your home buying process, and think it's important that we earn your business with each interaction. If our program isn't a good fit for you, you are free to work with other agents.

On the flip side, we cannot offer the keep rebate if you working with another agent. If you have an exclusive employment agreement with another agent, you should continue to work with that agent. Similarly, if another agent has helped you with a particular home, including touring the home, reviewing the contract, or providing valuation guidance, you should continue to work with that agent on that transaction.

Do you offer a rebate on purchase of a resale home or if I want to sell my home?

Currently, the keep program only applies to buying a new construction home.

However, at Conflux, we have a full team of Advisors who specialize in helping consumers sell their homes or in finding the perfect resale home. We're confident we can find the best solution for your specific needs. Contact us to discuss strategy and with any questions.

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